Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Life

I'm afraid I have neglected the Little Indigo Blog yet again!  Life is busy and I cannot believe we are almost half way through the year!  So a little update on what's new:

From a personal point of view, my two boys have turned 5 and 3, repectively.  And so I have been busy with cake making and family visits.  I still can't believe my boys are so grown up.  My eldest is off to school next year and can practically use a computer better than me!  My youngest is out of nappies and is becoming a little individual (a very funny one!), not sure where he gets that from...

My little man, happiest when he is all dressed up :-)

And I have also started to work 4 nights a week on a regular basis, so it has been challenging trying to juggle paid work, Little Indigo and looking after my boys full time.  So life is a little chaotic, but I like to be busy, and I know that most working mums are in exactly the same situation :-)

And where Little Indigo is concerned, I have been spending a lot time pondering about what it is that I am able to offer that is "unique and different"?  What is my point of difference?  The big questions!!  I read two fantastic Blog posts yesterday by Madeleine from Made by Mosey and Penny from Pocket Carnival and after that I felt much better about things.  I learnt that everyone can feel a little stuck sometimes (and that's ok!) :-)

And now onto some new product lines that I have introduced to the Little Indigo website in recent weeks... I fell in love as soon as I spotted these gorgeous handmade creations by Mahlimae and feel that her items are a perfect fit for Little Indigo:

Green "Secret Keeper"

Green "Felt Hanging Birds"

And new prints by Missy Minzy have been added as well, which I love!

"Hungry Ducks"  

Until next time!

Jo x


  1. Oh no don't go feeling lost.... You have such a good eye and your store is full of such lovely things x

  2. Just discovered your site and your blog -- love them both. As the proprietor, cook, photographer and writer of my own site, Foodlets, I'm always looking for new ideas in the world of healthy, happy kids. Keep it up!

  3. Hi...your blog is soooo nice :-).... Those duck prints are divine...I'm off to visit your store now :-)...