Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Life

I'm afraid I have neglected the Little Indigo Blog yet again!  Life is busy and I cannot believe we are almost half way through the year!  So a little update on what's new:

From a personal point of view, my two boys have turned 5 and 3, repectively.  And so I have been busy with cake making and family visits.  I still can't believe my boys are so grown up.  My eldest is off to school next year and can practically use a computer better than me!  My youngest is out of nappies and is becoming a little individual (a very funny one!), not sure where he gets that from...

My little man, happiest when he is all dressed up :-)

And I have also started to work 4 nights a week on a regular basis, so it has been challenging trying to juggle paid work, Little Indigo and looking after my boys full time.  So life is a little chaotic, but I like to be busy, and I know that most working mums are in exactly the same situation :-)

And where Little Indigo is concerned, I have been spending a lot time pondering about what it is that I am able to offer that is "unique and different"?  What is my point of difference?  The big questions!!  I read two fantastic Blog posts yesterday by Madeleine from Made by Mosey and Penny from Pocket Carnival and after that I felt much better about things.  I learnt that everyone can feel a little stuck sometimes (and that's ok!) :-)

And now onto some new product lines that I have introduced to the Little Indigo website in recent weeks... I fell in love as soon as I spotted these gorgeous handmade creations by Mahlimae and feel that her items are a perfect fit for Little Indigo:

Green "Secret Keeper"

Green "Felt Hanging Birds"

And new prints by Missy Minzy have been added as well, which I love!

"Hungry Ducks"  

Until next time!

Jo x