Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Wall Art

Tonight's post is dedicated to Wall Art.  I love Art Prints, and I love selecting all the prints for the Little Indigo site!  If I had more walls in my house I would have prints everywhere!  Below is a little selection of some of my current favourites.  My most recent purchases were the Nylex Print and the Hook Turn Print from Melbourne designer Make Me Iconic.  I have also purchased "The Landing" by Pocket Carnival, my boys love the paper plane!  And of course, the "Things" Wall Chart by Blink Designs which is available on the Little Indigo site. 

L-R: Hook Turn Print (Make Me Iconic), Hot Air Balloons (Kathy Panton), Breakfast Special (Reg Loves This), "The Landing" (Pocket Carnival), "Things Wall Chart" (Available at Little Indigo), Nylex Print (Make Me Iconic), Found Pins (With Wall Paper), Print from Inaluxe.

This weekend will be dedicated to the very first Little Indigo Newsletter, which will have some extra special discounts for subscribers!  If you would like to keep up to date with all of the Little Indigo news please head over to the Little Indigo Newsletter Subscription Page  Night all!

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